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Saturday's Letters to the Editor

Published: Friday, April 19, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.
Last Modified: Friday, April 19, 2013 at 4:16 p.m.

Looking at leggings

EDITOR: As yet another high school senior, I feel like Tom Coddington (“Enforcing dress codes,” Letters, Thursday) lacks perspective. He said that “women are responsible for the arousal of men,” and that “women put a lot of effort into getting us to look.”

Women wear clothing for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, they feel comfortable in certain outfits. Other times, they want to look good to impress. Often, they wish to look good because they enjoy the sensation of liking how they look. Women, in other words, are the same as every other person when it comes to why they wear clothes. People don't wear leggings only to attract men and to attempt to arouse them, but the letter seems to assume this is the case.

Let's all remember that we're talking about middle-schoolers here. The issue at hand is, in my mind, simple: What effect will this have on the development of our students? I fear that punishing young students for the alleged arousal of others will lead to a greater number of them growing up to believe, as Coddington does, that “maybe equality can go too far.”


Santa Rosa

Tools of evil

EDITOR: People with desperate and seemingly inhumane motives can find access to firearms, bombs and other tools to kill your neighbor. In America, we feel the need, for whatever reason — fear? power? distrust? paranoia? thrill? freedom? — to possess a personal firearm. Humans do horrible and unimaginable things to one another. In our land, it would seem that it is much less difficult to enact these atrocities with a firearm. Otherwise, wouldn't we be utterly stunned and outraged by all the bombings/knifings/poisonings of innocents as often as killings by guns?


Santa Rosa

Mismanaged park

EDITOR: Most of Annadel State Park is inaccessible by official trails (“Battling the 'outlaw' trails of Annadel,” Sunday). The current trail system is grossly inadequate. The original signs posted in Annadel recently read “area under surveilance.” Not only are they offensive; they couldn't even spell surveillance correctly. This is typical of current management style. If the signs were to be accurate, they would read: “This area closed to its rightful owner/users because we can make a job out of not doing our job.”

Yes, tensions are rising between users and management. But it is not due to a “culture of disregard” on the part of users but because of a culture of bureaucratic arrogance, laced with self-serving intellectual laziness and unmitigated ineptitude. Evidence of mismanagement is everywhere you look in Annadel. It is inescapable. The biggest threat to the park's well-being is not its users but the very stewards charged with its care.

The absurdity of the situation works against me. This sounds like a vitriolic diatribe. However, it is merely a report of the truth intended for those with eyes to see.

What will the park look like in 100 years? I hate to think if we can't find a way to forge some leadership based in common sense, honesty, integrity, vision and intelligence.


Santa Rosa

RP school gamble

EDITOR: Not less than five years ago, the Rohnert Park school district was shutting schools down and crying poor. Then came Measure D, a new superintendent and then money from Proposition 30; not to mention the stimulus money allocated to the common core project. None of these mentioned proposals could possibly support what the Rohnert Park school district is now doing. Has the district won the lottery? All of the closed schools within the district with the exception of one are now miraculously opening. How did this windfall come about? Taxes, a messiah, corporate money or a bad influence, i.e a casino? My guess — all of the above. None of which will benefit our kids.


Rohnert Park

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